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Driving Unit
PS series' loudspeaker unit is well-designed. The HF compression unit uses 1" throat design, titanium diaphragm and advanced magnetic path design results smooth and nature HF sound. The coil of LF driving unit is surrounded by designed flat cooper wire. This design can lead a bigger power processing ability; provide the highest transient response and high efficiency, speedy and accurate transient response.
Ampliier Module
PS series is active series,the AB type amplifier is reliable and powerful.The internal electric crossover makes the speaker efficient,crossover accurate.Applitude limit and over load protector ensure the safe.There is a group of JACK/XLR input and output socket,user can easily connect the speaker in serial.Seperate adjustble LF,HF control,LED displaying power,level and over load status.
Special Broadband Constant Directing Waveguide Horn
Polyurethane die-casted oval eternal pointing waveguide horn is BOB's own design. Due to sound-wave's spherical diffusion character, oval waveguide horn can provide constant wave beam broadband and directing, this special waveguide technology eliminate the high frequency burr and distortion which causing by horn's turn angle. Because there is no big flat plate, it has much less resonance in frequency range comparing with traditional horn that throwing out the disadvantage of traditional rectangular horn. Oval broadband constant directing horn design is wide frequency range, low distortion and little acoustic coloring, it has good acoustic characteristics of indicators, more natural sound than traditional horn.
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