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Patent MF-HF Coaxial Array Technology
To Make speakers covering the entire region, to achieve sound field uniformed is the necessary consideration of place design. To ensure uniform and controllable sound field coverage in horizontal and vertical direction, DS5 uses patent MF-HF coaxial loading phase plug technology, sealed coaxial MFHF driving unit is composed by a 10” MF unit and a 3” HF unit, coupling with MF-HF coaxial loading phase plug and 90°x60° constant directing horn. The MF-HF coaxial loading phase plug's crucial function is to compensate the path difference from loudspeaker unit to horn throat and to remove path difference and frequency response asymmetry after MF driver and horn's coupling, in order to get ideal sound field coverage in every place.
Except driving unit itself, the crossover network has a significant influence on sound quality. Crossover network is composed by capacitor, resister and inductor; it is hardly to make a revolutionary change for such a design, but BOB's engineers are trying their best to optimize the sound quality. Passive crossover uses 3 level (18dB/octave) slope filter
which has little overlap between two adjacent frequency segments. It results a flatter audio response curve, lower distortion and phase interference. Combining with smoothly adjusted crossover network and speaker to make fantastic sound and average covering area.
Unapproachable Process Detail
There are ergonomic handles on both sides of the enclosure that ease to delivery, one 36mm supporting base on top for supporting installation and connecting with other models, M8 suspension screw are installed on front side and back side.
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