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Enclosure Design
To achieve perfection, BOB spares no effort to improve the standard of sheet material and surface precession. BS series is made of high quality multi-layer birch plywood, this kind of birch plywood is specially made to meet acoustical design that leading the enclosure solid and good acoustical character. For consistency and preventing form copy, BOB refused to put the traditional reinforcement material into the cabinet instead of using its special integrated enclosure installation technology such as mortise structure, cold bonding and high pressure positioning etc. to bond the cabinet firmly.
It becomes lighter and solider, and the surface is coated by environmental wear resistant painting. Some high-end model is protected by the extremely durable elastic waterproof material coating, highly anti-scratching and hitting, can be applicable to any harsh environment.
Bass Relex Double Cavities Structure
BS subwoofer with single driving unit is also bandpass designed, the most important is to install two resonate cavity on the back side of driving unit by normal direct transmission mode. This structure has both advantages of direct output's accurate sound transmission and heavy
low frequency with good quality bandwidth and transient response. All models have high quality driving unit to show clear and powerful low frequency sound.
Three Cavities Band Pass Cabinet
Various of detailed design guarantees the quality of BS series. Benefit by BOB's lofty enclosure making technique, all double units subwoofer of BS series uses 3-room bandpass enclosure structure, so the efficiency of whole system is highly improved. High air resistance avoids extreme sport of diagram, comparing traditional front-load LF unit, this technology can significantly reduce distortion. Special designed enclosure structure controls super low frequency power and has powerful power reserve. Combining with the new generation radial magnetic path LF driving unit to make sure that reaching 10KW high-load compressibility effect in a short time, the extra- low frequency can be 140dB.
Unapproachable Process Detail
There are ergonomic handles on both sides of the enclosure that ease to delivery, one aluminum alloy die-casting supporting base on top for supporting installation and connecting with other models, wheel plate buckle and 16pcs M8 pulley screw are installed on front side and back side.
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