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High Eficiency Radial Magnetic
Path Design Driving Units
The LF driving units of AS series has an advanced radial magnetic path design. The coil is a special up and down double coils structure that surrounded by designed flat cooper wire. This design can lead a bigger power processing ability, improve the highest transient response and power capacity, and reduce distortion and power compression. Double neodymium and double coils enlarge the radiating surface for prevent the coil from burning down and reducing the weight of driving units.
To make the driver durable,all the driver will be tested in aging test room,pink noise signal will make the driver hot and generate biggest amplitude. Tested in 48 hours,try to find out the potential issue in normal use.
Aluminium alloy frame
Durable damper
Strong high power paper cone
Integrated heat sink shell
Double high efficiency magnet
Long stroke high power double voice coil
BEYMA, the world famous loudspeaker supplier in Spain specially design the 3' neodymium HF driving unit for BOB, titanium diaphragm and advanced magnetic path design results smooth and nature HF sound.
Path Design Driving Units
Ergonomic handles and connection fixable points are around the whole enclosure. Powder coating stainless grille well protects loudspeaker units. Various metallic connection inner reinforcement and outer suspension device is matching to protect the enclosure safety.
Suspension And Transportation Device
Safety is the most important part of line array system. Every product of AS series has its own designed suspension system. The suspension hardware placed on both sides of the enclosure, they do not need to be uninstalled when transporting, connection hinges are hidden in the suspension pipe that no component would be missed or hanging with additional tools. Enclosures can be installed as a solid integration that can be adjusted the projection angle easily to help the engineer of all performance project. Multi-functional suspension's security proportion at 7:1, maximum 16pcs line array enclosure can be hanged and piled.
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