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Enclosure Design
As BOB's iconic product, AS series has integrated all BOB's high technique of enclosure's manufacturing. In order to achieve the perfection we do our best to improve the standards of sheet metal and surface treatment. The enclosure of AS200 series is made of high quality Finland multi-layer birch plywood, this kind of birch plywood is specially made to meet acoustical design that leading the enclosure solid and good acoustical character. For consistency and preventing form copy, BOB use its special enclosure installation technology such as mortise structure, cold bonding and high pressure positioning etc. to bond the cabinet firmly. The surface is protected by the extremely durable elastic waterproof material coating, highly antiscratching and hitting, can be applicable to any harsh environment.
As BOB's flagship model, AS362 uses cold pressing carbon fiber processing technology, the enclosure which make of carbon fiber is totally different form the wooden one because the strength of carbon fiber is 10 times comparing with wood but 60% lighter than plywood at the same size. So our enclosure is lighter but stronger than the traditional one. After years of constantly explore new technology, we significant improve our production technology to lower the costs to reach customers' acceptable line. The advanced cold pressing processing technology processed each part becoming a shape, then combining them with special bonding technique and coating the surface with elastic waterproof material, highly anti-scratching and hitting.
AS 300 Series
Be considered of sound-wave's projection in level, the big size system AS series is design in symmetrical structure. HF driving units lay in the central of enclosure vertically, MF units are in both sides of the HF ones, and the LF units are placed in both ends horizontally. This arrangement leads normal polarity symmetric that giving the system the whole working frequency range. Symmetrical structure design has the same configuration as coaxial driver; it makes the loudspeaker of AS300 series having a uniform sound field coverage in every angle of its effective range.
The Patented Point Source Waveguide
The core of line array is HF waveguide. It turns spherical wavefront of HF units into cylindrical equal phase wavefront that leading each unit coupling consistency to create a single, continuous equal phase sound source. We do not make the waveguide split projecting zonal as usual, splitting the waveguide rhombic or other shapes may effect to original frequency's output. So we have made the waveguide by accelerating equal path hemispherical structure, the advantage of this way is to reduce the distortions of the wavefront that make sure all original frequency will be out put in a consistent wavefront. Comparing with the normal ones, our waveguide has a higher sensitivity and lower total harmonic distortion (THD), reduces output path delay.
Mf And Hf Horn Integration
The main difficult problem of 3-way line array is to matching the crossover frequency of MF units and HF units. The size and working frequency of each is different, for reaching the same phase and frequency, MF driving unit loads a special phase plug that controling the horizontal directional output, reducing the interference with high frequency, making HF and MF output in the same horn perfectly and improving the sensitivity and power to getting a flat wavefront.
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