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System Training Service
The modern professional audio system is different from past,many functions is connected with electric elements. To make customer who is using or will use our system can use and test system expertly. We provide 1 to 1 training,let customers best use the product,help them increase the using of AS line array,and get the biggest redound.
Line Array Acoustic Calculation Software
Acoustic line simulation is a software that specially designed for our line array speaker, mainly uses for simulate the sound pressure distribution of the line array speaker in the whole sound field. For a performance project, the previous system design is very important, and the sound field controlling is the key of the whole project. The simulated sound field gives a good reference value to the designer as a guide of previous speaker selection. Especially for some big performance or event, through simulation, such problems as the kind of speaker, quantity of speaker, suspension angle and height can be solved by live operation.
Transportation Device
AS series provides optional transportation ways. Transportation wheel board is suitable for big quantity's delivery. It is convenience and safe, less space and already the shell to protect the enclosure. Traditional flight case protects the whole enclosure well for long distance transportation. Nylon cover is waterproof and dustproof that using for short time storage and simple delivery.
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