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AS series  AS series includes BOB AUDIO most advanced design,provdie the best prodcut for project man.

BS series  BS series subwoofer speaker is used for increase speaker LF and provide shocking power.

CS series  CS is the highest class speaker,amoung BOB AUDIO's PA system,use the most advanced driver,represent the best sound, and be the perfect product.
DS series  DS series is specially make for bar,people will be shocked by its sound and outlook,also attracted by it's perfection.
ES series  The electric device of ES series can meet all broadcasting condition,suitable for big show,live show and permenant installation.
FS series  compact structure,clear sound,suitable for mid/small,and live broadcasting using. Feature:small,light,and strong, fast for installing,widly used.
KS series  KS series change the traditional karaoke design,the new concept product provide the best solution for projector. The singer can sing freely,enjoy the good time.
LS series  LS series is designed for churches,museum,and meeting rooms,which is with broadcasting difficulty.Slighty and symmetry look,fashionable design,is the perfect combination of audio and art.
MS series  MS series meet THX standard,perfectly revert the sound of film,let you feel the shocking effect. It's the best choice of film industry,
NS series  NS series is designed for china market specially,all the model is made for nightclub.The NS series make out larger dynamic range,wider audio range,more accurate M/H F performance and flexible LF.
PS series  PS series speaker is built-in low distortion,low noise AB type amplifier,formed by 5 models,simple use,convenient for connecting is the biggest feature.
QS series  QS series is special for building,small,sound clear.Entegrates nice outlook,and outstanding technical advantage.

SS series  SS series is the plastic portable speaker,Feature:durable,high-performance and easy using.There are 4 models,can choose active or passive.Is your best choice.
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