About Company
Audio is not only a kind of profound science, but a kind of art. It is not a result of some component combining together, the design of loudspeaker needs innovative technological ideas and passionate art creativity that ombining together comes out excellent products. Founded in 1995, with its exquisite workmanship, advanced technology products, BOB successfully demonstrates the design concept of the combination of technology and art. Be based on this design concept, passion to music and pursuit of perfect product, BOB presents ranges of products with excellent design, technology and long service life. All goods use most update technology; we placed each range of product a specific purpose that concerning about the whole system but not only one product. By this way, we can design products more agility, so that you could save the cost and time when making engineering design and installation. And the remarkable design leads outstanding performance that ensuring projects' final effect.
After more than 10 years development, BOB's products had widely used in largescale performance and stadium, all kinds of clubs, disco, conference room, church and school. Till today, our product portfolio is fast growing to offer higher quality product to customers with reasonable price, and to achieve all requirements of each client.We BOB Audio are always ready to be your reliable partner.
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