Service Support
Purchase a BOB AUDIO product, you will be given a new service and comprehensive customer care warranty. Regional dealers will service you anytime.
If there is any problem with the product, once we receive your repair notice, we will work for you immediately,try our best to turn your product into normal condition.
Technical support
When purchasing BOB AUDIO product, you will be provided with technical support and user training.
www.bob-audio.com is the website of BOB AUDIO, its Chinese website is :www.博声.com. You can check all the service options and dealer locations to help you obtain our service easily.
Customer service
BOB AUDIO set up its customer service center in 2009: they provide inquiry, complaint, and customer research and satisfaction service.
Service time: 9 AM to 6 PM, everyday. Tel:+86(0)757-8110-8582
Besides our own brand prodcuts,we also makes OEM product for other company.
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