Factory Introduction
R&D Center
The R&D center is finished in 2012,including professional testing anechoic room,aging room,testing room,developmnet room,CAD modeling room,metal parts tensile test system.
All the cabinet is made by good quality plywood,processed by CNC machine,and assembled by experianced technician.
Only environmental high class anti-scratch painting is allowed to use in our cabinet,all the painting is watersolubility,to lower the polution,customer can choose the different color.The polyurea scratching proof painting line which introduced in 2011,provides more protection and higher quality to the BOB AUDIO's product.
Our designer makes out all types of audio crossover.All the components passed the multiple software test,meet the ideal standard,ensuring every speaker can be used long time steadily.
Through scientific and systematic processious,We assembled the cabinet,metal grille,driver and crossover,carefully and atrctly testing test them carefully by multiple PC software,then finish the finally.
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