Environmetal concept
Protecting the environment,is protecting the natural environmental direct or indirectly,in order to reduce the polution,we try to reduce the poluting production process.This is a responsibility for a responsible enterprise.In order to follow the environmetal and resource recycle law,our production is strictly following below rules:
The best thing to the earth is reducing,it means reducing the raw material and replce with environmental material.BOB AUDIO's aim is considering save resource and power during designing,and make the high efficiency,thin,light product based on not affecting the function of products.
Using the remaining material to make products,transforming the rubbish into resource.This is obviously better than throw it.To achieve this we establish a good process with supplier.We use the recycle material for packing,save resource.We try to reduce rubbish,reuse and remaking products.
We keep developping new products,improving the sound quality and stability,reduce the size,weight,material.This save the transportation cost for customer.
We have stopped using the solvent type glue and paint,with environmental material instead.All the wood is cutted by CNC machine to reduce waste.All the purchasing order,files are electric,no paper.
65% of the carton paper is recycle material.Reduce the waste by changing the packing way.Supplier use the recycle material for us.
Power consumtion
We reduce the power consumtion by changing the engine and electric current,let them work under enegy saving mode.
Rubbish manage
All the packing material is 100% recoverable.All the rubbish solvent type glue and paint is sent to the suitable place for dispose.
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