Company Profile
Time and dedication makes our dreams come true
1995 year 1995,The predecessor of BOB Audio, the Gitchi Audio Professional Company, was founded in Nanhai, Foshan and started the mass production of audio systems.
1996 year 1996,Started OEM/ODM service for domestic audio system companies and dealers.
1997 year 1997,be concerted,acknowledged and praised by audio specialist.
1998 year 1998,Started OEM/ODM service for many famous brands in Europe and the USA.
1999 year 1999,R&D Dept set up and started audio system research.
2000 year 2000,Started researching line array system.
2004 year 2004,Re-named as BOB Professional Audio Co.,Ltd, and the factory located in Shenzhen City.
2004 year 2004,The BOB AUDIO brand was approved and received a Certificate from the China Trademark office.
2005 year 2005,The patented MF coaxial converter, which is used in the AS320 array system, was approved and published by China State Intellectual Property Office, Patent No:ZL 2005 20058830.6;
2005 year 2005, QC passed by the China Quality Control Bureau Shenzhen Branch.
2006 year 2006, Presented the patented first-generation AS310 line array system, winning great success, and was warmly welcomed by performers.
2006 year 2006,The MF Phase board, used in several models of AS series, was approved and published by the State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.China, Patent No. ZL 2006 2 011 7639.9
2006 year 2006,The Sound wave delaying horn which used in AS310 line array system, was certificated by the State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.China. Patent No. ZL 2006 2 0117640.1
2006 year 2006,Several patented horns were certificated by the State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.China, Patent No:ZL 2006 30007728.3 ZL 2006 3 0007730.0 ZL 2006 3 0007729.8;
2006 year 2006,All products were certificated by CE and RHoS.
2006 year 2006,One of the “top ten competitive brands” in the sound and light industry.
2007 year 2007,The MF phase board of line array systems, was approved and published by the State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.China, Patent No. ZL 2006 2 0117638.4;
2007 year 2007,The I-DSPA full-function digital amplifier launches BOB AUDIO into the digital processing generation.
2007 year 2007,BOB-Audio moved to a 4000m2 factory located in Nanhai, Foshan City, and with an advanced production line and CNC equipment etc, product's quality has reached a new level, and a constantly building reputation.
2007 year 2007,More than 200pcs of line array loudspeakers were used in the Mexico president election, and performed perfectly.
2007 year 2007,Won the “top ten competitive brands” title in the light and sound industry.
2008 year 2008,With French engineering's assistance the flagship model AS312 line array system was published in PALM 2008 Beijing, and it patented horn was recognised by the State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.China.
2008 year 2008,Contributing to the Olympic Games is the dream of all Chinese people, and our AS series was used in the 100 days countdown and torch passing events.
2009 year 2009,BOB AUDIO celebrated its 15th anniversary, we launched new BOB-AUDIO products in PALM 2009 Beijing in May.
2010 year 2010,To perfect the quality,BOB AUDIO updated all the painting and polishing line,and upgrade all the production line according to China's environmental standard.
2010 year 2010,Equiped more testing devices on assembly line,making out the strict QC system.
2011 year 2011,The new designed 2 way constant curvature line array system AS200 series was launched and got good feedback and sales volumn.
2011 year 2011,The new designed DS series was launched.
2012 year 2012,Invest on more CNC equipment and other cabinet making device.
2012 year 2012,By many years' market research,the NS series which specially design for China's nightclub was launched after customers' trial , then it got orders from many famous nightclub.
2012 year 2012,In May,the patented line array wave guide technology was approved and certificated by the State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.China.(ZL 2011 2 0336210. X)
2012 year 2012,In may,the State Intellectual Property Office of P.R.China process the line array MF phase technic patent registration.(ZL 2012 2 0673091. 1)
2012 year 2012,The new R&D center was built, including professional testing anechoic room,aging room,testing room, developmnet room,CAD modeling room and metal parts tensile test.
2012 year 2012,Upgraded the show room,customer can feel the film and bar audio shocking effect, try all our models.
2012 year 2012,At the end of the year,2 ktv rooms finished new decoration, customers can feel the real live effect of KTV.
2012 year 2012,Made the audio project for world's largest Furniture mall(IFEM0 in Foshan, won great praised from political leaders and the society.
2013 year 2013,Attended in the 10th Prosound+light Guangzhou, show the new patented big line array system AS362 , won praised widely.
2013 year 2013,In this year the show market is better,in higher level and more strict.To meet the domestic show requirement we launch the new outdoor line array syste,dual 12inch,AS362.The feature of it is the woofer is new radial magnetic circuit,higher efficiency/spl,better sound,meet all the outdoor big show sound requirement.
2013 year 2013,based on the public events development,the broadcasting requirement is higher accordingly. We launch the LS sound column syste,complete the public address product line,providing better prducts for dealer and agent.
2014 year 2014, We show many new models in the Guangzhou fair on March,the customer tell us their willing which encurage us to go ahead.
2014 year 2014,this is a special "digital" year for us.Based on many years effort,we launch a new DSP 4channels amplifier,input the digital technology into the digital amplifier,to meet high requirement of future market.Meanwhile,we input this technology into our loudspeaker products.
2014 year 2014,We load the digital amplifier to the 3 way line array system AS362,the passive system upgrade to an active system.The complex array system become simple to use.
2014 year 2014,we launch the new LS sound column system.In order to use in different place conveniently,this year we also load this digital amplifier in it,the built-in DSP processor let the sound column convenient for installing,testing,using.
2014 year 2014,To meet the feature Chinese entertainment market we develop a new entertainment system----NBS system,beautiful outlook,clear and bright sound quality,satisfy the market persuing to "beautiful" and "sound".
The number of BOB AUDIO’s dealers has increased significantly worldwide, and more and more new dealers enter BOB AUDIO's family.
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