Core Technology
BOB AUDIO turns the technic Innovation into customer's beneit.
Technology innovation is a necessary part of BOB AUDIO,since the establishment of R&D dept in 1999,we applied ten patents of technology.Our research on passed audio technic becomes the base of our new technic,you can see it from our product.
1.Patented Point Source Waveguide
The Core of line array is the HF waveguide,its function is turning the sphere wave surface into cylindershaped same phase wave surface,so all the drivers couple together,creating a single and continuous same phase wave source.We don’t want the old waveguide which only shoot in simple band type, waveguide shooting with diamond and other shape will affect the original frequency output, we use expedite equal route semi-sphere structure to make the waveguide,the benefit is to reduce the distort of wave surface,ensuring all the original frequency come out with same wave surface,and generate higher sensitivity and lower THD,reduce the delay of output.

2.Integrated Mf/Hf Horn
The most difficulty of 3 way line array is matching the crossover of MF and HF unit. Different unit have different size and frequency wavelength,to get same phase feature and frequency, MF unit is loaded with a unique patented phase plug, to control MF horizontal output,effectly reduce the interference with HF, so MF and HF can come out in a same horn perfectly,increase sensitivity and focus energy,to get a flat wave surface.
专利号:ZL 2011 2 0336210.X
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Patent No.: ZL 2011 2 0336210.X
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