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AS308 is a high performance 3-way line array and symmetrical design. Built-in 2 x10 "low frequency drive unit, 2 x5.25" sealed mid- frequency drive unit, and 2 x1.73 "high frequency compression drive unit. This system uses differences innuendo technology, it makes the high frequency synchronization output equalization of the sound pressure, the distance of voice transmission is farther.In more than one sound box close arrangement composition line array, speakers mutual interference of sound wave is minimized. Mid and high frequency is put into internal passive crossover network, low frequency needs to divide by external processor, three-amp and bi-amp option. The intergrated aluminum hoisting package, speakers vertical coupling angle 0 ° to 9° , could be adjustable in every 1.5 °, 110 ° horizontal projection cover.AS308 could be composed of independent line array system,and only ultra low frequency speaker component systems. It is multi-layer birch plywood manufacturing housing, strong elastic coating protection shell, hex mesh metal mesh enclosure stick acoustic soft sponge as speaker protection, rear panel incorporates several handle.
■ 3 way line array system
■ High efficiency output
■ long throw
■ professional suspension device, safe and reliable
■ fast installation, water and heatproof
■ Stadium, concert halls and theaters
■ medium-large sized performances
■ Mobile performance PA
■ Theater
Frequency Response
Nominal Impedance
Power Handing
100 Hz - 18 kHz (±3 dB)
MF/HF 108dB , LF 92dB SPL (1W @ 1m)
MF/HF 8 ohms , LF 8 ohms
MF/HF 200 watts(rms),500 watts(program),1000 watts(peak)
LF 350 watts (rms), 700 watts (program), 1400 watts(peak)
Maximum SPL
Nominal Coverage Angle(-6 dB)
Maximum vertical splay
Crossover Frequency
Recommended High Pass Filter
MF/HF 130 dB , LF 118 dB
vertical splay0° ~ 9° ,每1.5° step
MF/HF 2 kHz , MF/LF 350 Hz
high pass => 80 Hz , 24 dB/octave
Low Frequency(neodymium magnet)
Mid Frequency(neodymium magnet)
Hight Frequency(neodymium magnet)
2 x 8(in) 220 mm dia, 75 mm(3in)voice coil dia
2 x 5.25(in) 134 mm dia, 25 mm(1in)voice coil dia
2 x 1.73(in) 44mm voice coil dia, 26 mm(1in)throat dia
Enclosure Construction
Suspension Hardware
Input Connectors
Dimensions H x W x D
Net Weight
15 mm birch plywood with structured
Wear-resistant textured black paint
Powder coated perforated steel,foam backed
Proprietary BOB rigging system
Speakon NL8 x 2
265 mm x 570 mm x 460 mm
24 kg
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